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Formosa group was founded by Guo-Fu Chen in 1956. The group owns Formosa Times and Formosa Optical that operate approximately 400 shops including boutiques, Milan luxury goods and Royal Formosa. Not only started Taiwan’s merchandising channel, but also owned 100% of its share as well as a major part of Formosa Optical in China. Fu-Mei Ltd. was established in California, U.S. in 1986, mainly focusing on architecture establishment, total assets come up to approximately 10 million US dollars.

The company core value that is a serving with happiness and strongly believing that is serving straight from heart, Formosa Group reached its turnover of 2 billion US dollar in 1990. With 1500 employees, every shop manager holds minority shares of each store.


近年來集團開拓的新事業體-寶利倈興業”ROYAL FORMOSA”更以雙字母”R””F”,配合雙獅LOGO,左獅以紀念創辦人陳國富總裁,人敬稱阿富獅(諧音)之創業維艱,右獅代表集團上下團結凝聚所鞏固之寶島企業家族將更發揚光大,無論電子、貿易或流行PTM(PO TO MACHINE)加盟事業,觸角延伸國際進軍大中華市場。

The new found business of the group “Royal Formosa” used the letters “R” and “F” to become the double lion logo. The one on the left it was dedicated to the founder Guo- Fu Chen, also known as A-Fu lion; the other one represents the unity of the Formosa family and its bright future. No matter electronic, trade or ego machine chain, the group will be expanded internationally and to the Chinese society in large.